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MantisSwap is a decentralized AMM developed by Mantissa Finance for trading pegged assets efficiently and securely on Polygon.

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For Liquidity Providers

Supercharge your
stablecoin earnings

Single-sided Liquidity

Provide liquidity in a single asset instead of pairs. Claim your deposited assets 1:1 on withdrawal.

De-pegging Protection

With our internal autonomous loss protection mechanism, we minimise the losses in the event of a depeggin or exploit.

Earn Rewards

Stake LP tokens to earn yield. Earn boosted APR by staking the native MNT token.

For Traders

Lower Slippage,
Minimal Fees

Bootstrap Themes

Minimal Slippage

Securely swap between crypto assets of similar value with extremely low slippage.

Bootstrap Themes

Maximum Capital Efficiency

The multi-asset pool design of MantisSwap enables deeper liquidity for all tokens, leading to higher capital efficiency.

Bootstrap Themes

More User Friendly

Easily swap tokens and earn interest on stablecoins by doing less via an intuitive UI.


Driving DeFi innovation
in Polygon ecosystem

Q4 2022

  • Audit for v1
  • Partnerships
  • Testnet Launch

Q1 2023

  • Private Sale
  • Mainnet Launch with Stablecoin Omnipool
  • DEX Listing of MNT-MATIC
  • Launch of Secondary (non-stables) Pools

Q2 2023

  • DAO Governance
  • Partnerships for Synthetic Asset Pools
  • Launch of Factory Pools